“We need to know the textures, the rhythms and tastes of the bodily world, and to distinguish readily between those tastes and those of our invention.”

– David Abram

My work provides a field for contemplating an intersection of faith and reason with intuition and logic. It is driven by questions of a metaphysical nature such as how design and orchestration within nature affects our consciousness and how the extraordinary geometries within nature’s design demand the consideration of intelligent design as well as our notions of spirituality. It is important to me, as an artist, to develop a visual vocabulary that will encourage the viewer to examine these types of enigmas. Using both organic and highly controlled painting techniques, the resulting composition is a compromise between excess and restraint, impulse and logic.

I am interested in the augmentation of naturally occurring systems through the application of manmade structures. Within my work, I combine forms that are organic in creation with carefully placed and predetermined mark making. The linear hatch marks in the work represent a form of structure, a repetitive and ritualistic system that has been applied to the naturally occurring elements within this painting process. The combination of the two suggests the idea of a crossroads between faith, reason, instinct, and intellect, which drives this work. This has been expressed through mark making on natural surfaces throughout history, specifically in ancient cave painting.

The idea of human intellect intermingling with the forces of nature fascinates me. I see this as a way to understand and even control self-regulating natural phenomena. It is this pattern seeking nature that allows us to perceive and form epistemological solutions regarding the symbiotic relationship between instinct and intellect. It seems to be a desire that is grafted to the root of humanity. This duality suggests an innate human interest in understanding the nature of the universe. For me, this distills down to a universal human longing for the eternal, for God.